J.D. Lavelle is an author, coward, raconteur, teacher, husband, humorist, and father.  He is lazy and resents having to do anything that resembles honest work.  He would cheerfully tilt at windmills were it not that he finds horses rather disconcerting.

Of himself, he writes, “I’ve always wanted to write a book so I could write the bio page and lie shamelessly about my achievements.”

He taught inside a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility.  It was on the inside that he developed a distaste for institutional food.

J.D. Lavelle claims to be a would-be musician, a historian of sorts, and a reluctant grammarian.  He loves to sleep and would much rather rise at a decent hour, sometime after 9:00 a.m., take a long nap in the afternoon, and retire early.  How he manages to write or teach is a miracle considering his proclivity for laziness.

His wife is beautiful – another miracle that continually amazes the author.

At one time he dreamt of riding in the Tour de France, but his knees bother him in cold weather.  Instead, he enjoys raking leaves, reading boring books about history, writing, making a nuisance of himself to those around him…and teaching.

Believe whatever you like about the above.

J.D. Lavelle believes that teaching, learning, and reading should be enjoyable.