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I have spent much of my teaching career working with at-risk students.  I spent five years teaching at a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility.  It was the end of the line for juvenile offenders in the state.

My work with the at-risk population has afforded me many unique insights into teaching.  I enjoy sharing my insights with teachers, students, and anyone else interested in the life of an institutional teacher.

Some of the topics I like to present to students are as follows: the choices that we make and how they impact our lives, the importance of choosing the right friends, and, of course, freedom.

The main topic I like to present to teachers is how to work with difficult students.

I also like to talk about life inside juvenile correctional facilities.  As challenging as it could be, I would not trade my experiences for anything. My tales of life teaching “on the inside” are sure to entertain audiences.

I am an unapologetic preacher for the gospel of freedom.

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I am comfortable speaking in front of large, small, or rough crowds.