When I say that you should be smart what I am talking about is cultivating a wide range of interests. An oblique reference to dance, music, art, or architecture lens an extra dash of something special to your writing.  Reference the quote from Johnson about turning over a library to write a single book. It’s not just about breeding, it’s also about learning and experiencing things.

Writing/Thinking Prompt

Throughout this course, I want you to write.  I want you to get words on the page.

In a traditional writing course, a teacher might assign a writing prompt that reads something like this: Imagine (and describe) a time when you felt angry or confused.

This is not a traditional writing course, so instead of asking you a question, I am going to ask that you use Tchaikovsky’s concerto as the writing prompt.

Write down any and all thoughts about this performance of the concerto in your writing notebook/journal.  You could write a fictional scene about a musician practicing or performing this piece.  You could write a review of the music.  I don’t care.  Get some words on the page and use the music as your inspiration.  I don’t care how many words you write.  You can write two or two thousand.

When you have finished I want you to read what I wrote. I too used the concerto as a writing prompt.  A lesson for you, the student, is that I will not ask you to do anything that I, the teacher, am not willing to do myself.  

After you have read my writing and subsequent reflection, go back to the Course Home.