Length: 27,054 words, 92 pages

Genre: Young Adult fiction

Published: 2018

Format: digital publication – PDF format.

Cost: $3.00

“That if any House be Infected, the sick person or persons be forthwith removed...for the preservation of the rest of the shut up for fourty days, and have a Red Cross, and Lord have mercy upon us, in Capital Letters affixed on the door...”

King Charles II, Orders for prevention of the Plague

From George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead to the modern television series The Walking Dead, people are fascinated with zombies.  The YA novel Crossroads deals with the problem of reanimated corpses - the risen dead - and addresses a fundamental would you act and react in the face of such a horror?

Donnie Hathaway has just been released from prison.  He's a free man.  The only problem is that freedom can be a pretty scary thing to someone who's been locked up.  And prison might have been a safer place.  Safer than a free world that is fast filling up with the risen dead.  Donnie must confront his fears and learn to survive...and be free.