Why read stories about being locked up?

Brian arrived at Perkensville Juvenile Correctional Facility…and learned a hard lesson before he even set foot inside a cell.  Freedom is one of the most precious things to lose.  He is faced with learning how to survive on the inside.  And more.  In addition to losing his freedom, he is faced with unexpected dangers.

Locked Up is the story of one young man coming to terms with life on the inside.

The loudspeaker blared over the unit. “Everyone needs to lockdown!” as the officer yelled, “Get to your cells right now!” The officer moved rapidly towards the impending altercation, pointing and yelling. Brian watched and waited, ready to defend himself, but the attack never came. Jones waited until the officer was within two steps of him then held up his hands. It was easy for the grown man to step in between them and push Jones back.

“Move, Jones!” the officer ordered.

Jones let himself be moved as he continued to stare at Brian over the officer’s shoulder. He let himself be pushed back to his room, eyes staring the entire time.

There are two components to this unit.  The components are as follows:

1. Locked Up the novel

Length: 21,340 words, 77 pages

Genre: Young Adult fiction

2. Locked Up: Classroom Materials

The classroom materials consist of writing/thinking prompts for each chapter of the novel.

For each component, you can approach the work in whatever way is most convenient and/or agreeable to you.  You can simply read and enjoy the novel and that is all.  Sometimes the reading is the work.  Or you can read the novel and complete the writing prompts.  You have the freedom to choose how you would like to interact with the novel.

You can buy the novel and download the writing/thinking prompts by clicking on the buttons below.