Crossroads: The Craft of Writing


Crossroads: The Craft of Writing is the educational component to the YA novel Crossroads.  Students will learn the craft of writing…and write their own story.


The Craft of Writing

The materials found in this part of the course are meant to provide instruction in the craft of writing fiction.  Using examples from the novel, you will learn how to write a story.  One of the most important lessons is that writing is a process.  In other words, I don’t sit down and start writing a story at the very beginning of the tale.  Writing is a creative endeavor.  I might start a story by writing the climax scene - the showdown between the main character and his or her nemesis.  There are lots of things to consider.  So in order to help you, there are a few guideposts.

Throughout these pages you will see the following:

What should I know?  (this is what I want you to learn and/or understand)


Time to Write (it will be time to pick up a pen when you see these words and the image of a pen)